Oenology / Heritage / Arts

Adega São Mamede

Curator: Nuno Côrte-Real

Presentation: Luís Caetano & André Cunha Leal

Culture as a holistic view of life has its genesis in Greek society, reveals the Hellenic desire to form the complete citizen, able to lead and be led, and play a constructive role in society. The Wine Cellars & Art Festival starts from this principle to merge three main aspects: the Wine Industry and Tourism, two of Portugal’s main economic activities, the Heritage, visible in the unique architecture of the cellars and in its rural location, and Art, the most important human activity, itself a biology and crystalline manifestation of Homo Sapiens. Controversial assertion? Well, it is what seems to be, or what is going on in these Millennium, where we have endured and transformed the planet that welcomes us. The purpose of the Festival is to provide a context where this holistic vision can be lived, bringing together plastic artists, musicians, actors, thinkers, journalists, literature, winemaking, gastronomy, scenic arts, and above all, embrace the space-nature where the wineries are implanted.
Wine Cellars & Art Fest first edition, will take place in October 2018, in the framework of the European City of Wine 2018 Torres Vedras / Alenquer, and will be held at the Adega São Mamede in Torres Vedras. The Festival will include, among others, Sofia Areal, Júlio Resende, Ensemble Darcos, Luísa Tender, Pedro Giestas, António Mega Ferreira, Inês Pedrosa, and the chef Leopoldo Garcia Calhau, as well wines from Região Lisboa.

Program will be displayed soon

Free Entrance

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